In keeping with tradition, Continental Tobacco Corp. held its 17th Kossuth Award ceremony, where the employees of the year were rewarded for their outstanding performance: this year 19 employees were awarded the Kossuth Prize, while 2 more professionals shared the special prize for the best idea of the year. The awards were presented by CEO Csaba Füzi together with the company’s owners at a ceremony held at the Rákóczi Hotel, Camp and Event Centre, which also served as a Christmas party.

The Kossuth Prize, which was awarded at the event, was named after one of the most famous products of the Sátoraljaújhely tobacco factory, the Kossuth cigarette, which was the last cigarette of the company to be sold without a smoke filter for 63 years.

Following a welcome speech by Csaba Füzi, CEO, on behalf of the company’s owners, Jr. János Sánta and Balázs Veszelovszky presented the Kossuth Awards to the employees. This year’s awards ceremony was unusual in that Csaba Füzi also received recognition for his exemplary dedication and leadership.

Prior to the presentation of the awards, János Sánta, the company’s owner-president, assessed the year’s achievements, which were reflected in the Hungarian Economy Award won by Continental Tobacco Corp. The evaluation was followed by the welcome speeches of Dr. Richárd Hörcsik, Member of the Hungarian Parliament, and Péter Szamosvölgyi, mayor who congratulated the factory’s collective on the recognition.

Continental Tobacco is proud to celebrate the exceptional performance of its employees and remains committed to quality work and innovation. We extend our heartfelt congratulations to our Employees of the Year!