About Us

Continental Tobacco Group (CTG) is an independent family owned private company which integrates several operating tobacco companies in Europe. CTG manufactures and markets a wide selection of tobacco products including world-class American blend and Virginia cigarettes in trendy round-corner packaging, fine cut smoking tobaccos, filter cigarillos, and cigarette-filter tubes. CTG currently employs more than 500 people committed for quality and development.

The brands of the Continental Group are known countrywide on the Hungarian market and, as a result of export activities, are now available in more than 25 countries.



The company was established in the 1860s during the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy. It is the second largest contractor and processor of Flue Cured Virginia and Burley tobacco in Hungary. It provides processing and strip blending services for international customers at a competitive price.

Processing Plant

Mártírok u. 51, H-5000 Szolnok, Hungary
Tel: +36 47 523 160
Fax: +36 56 425 474
Email: dofer@continentaltobacco.com


Continental Tobacco Corp.

More than 130 years old factory with tradition and experience and a unique capability to produce cigarettes, small cigars, cigarillos, RYO and MYO tobacco, filter cigarette tubes under one roof. Continuous investments and continued commitment to progress assure diversified production of the highest quality tobacco products for our consumers.

Continental Tobacco Corp. Satoraljaujhely Factory

Dohány u. 1-3, H-3980 Sátoraljaújhely, Hungary
Tel: +36 47 523-160, Fax: +36 47 321 228,
E-mail: factory@continentaltobacco.com


Continental Tobacco Corp.

The Hungarian portfolio of Continental can be ordered via the National Tobacconist Supply company. The sales of our products are supported by our Channel Development Sales Force with countrywide coverage who keep the direct contact with the tobacconists. Our innovative, enthusiastic team provide the retailers with advises, operative help and relevant information from the tobacco industry. They reach all tobacconists regularly. Day by day we strive to keep the well-know Continental attitude and positive way of communication towards our partners.

Continental Tobacco Corp.

Dohány u. 1-3, H-3980 Sátoraljaújhely, Hungary
Tel: +36 30 571 2509

Continental Tobacco International Sales

We consciously build our international market presence.  Though the majority of our current international business is realized within the EU, we serve clients in over 25 countries even as far as Japan. We are proud of the dynamic growth of our partners and still, restlessly looking for new opportunities and challenges to prove our capabilities as a solution provider.

Continental Tobacco Corp Int’l Sales

Dohany u. 1-3, Satoraljaujhely, H-3980, Hungary
Tel: +36 47 523 167
E-mail: sales@continentaltobacco.com

Continental Tobacco Slovakia sro

Continental Tobacco Slovakia, founded in 2001 and started business based on the awareness of our traditional brands even in Slovakia.

Based on the successful DSD system, CTS acts as a classic distribution operation reaching more and more retailers and consumers.  Recently new brands were introduced while the portfolio is continuously adjusted to the competitive market needs.

Continental Tobacco Slovakia

Tomasovska 1237/42, 979 01 Rimavska Sobota
Tel: +421-47-5634507
Fax: +421-47-5811615
E-mail: eke@continentaltobacco.com

Continental Tobacco Germany GmbH

Continental Tobacco Germany was founded in 2004 in Leverkusen. Following the first successful entries the company moved to Tüttleben (in Thüringen) in 2007 in order to create new base for further growth.  Capitalizing on the strategic partnership with most of our wholesalers the portfolio has been extended. As a further line of business we have also entered the challenging Private Label segment as well. We offer products in the premium segment too such as natural cigarettes and natural finecut tobacco as well as flavored small filter cigarillos wrapped in natural tobacco leaf.

Continental Tobacco Germany

Am Marbach 9., 99869 Tüttleben, Germany
Tel: +49 3621 82030 / 820-313 / 820-316
Fax: +49 3621 820-350

Continental Tobacco Italy srl

Continental Tobacco Italy started operations in 2005.  Offering our international cigarette and filter cigarillo brand as a start, we have reached a considerable awareness. Our portfolio has been extended by fine cut tobacco. Since March 2011 new cigarillos with natural wrapper are available in an extended assortment. Our unhidden aim is to reinforce and extend our distribution with the help of our existing and potentially welcomed new agencies.

Continental Tobacco Italy

Via Camuzzoni, 1, 37138 Verona VR, ITALY
Tel/Fax: +39 045 564-479
E-mail: italia@continentaltobacco.com
Skype: continentaltobaccoit

Taban Trafic Romania srl

As the first international subsidiary company of Continental Tobacco Corp.  S.C. Taban Trafic was established in 1999 as a production and trading unit of the group. As a result of EU membership the production has been transferred back to Hungary and  Taban Trafic became the sole importer and distributor of CTG brands, like ENTER, PANNONIA and SILVERADO cigarettes.

Our flexible and innovative team in Arad –– is providing customized solutions to our partners and seeks for additional opportunities to maintain continuous growth on the Romanian market.

Tabán Trafik Romania

Calea 6 Vanatori, Nr.55/C, Arad 310162, RO
Tel: +40 357 412 322
Fax: +40 257 270 212
E-mail: arad@tabantrafic.ro