The National Tax and Customs Administration’s (NAV) newest X-ray Imaging Analysis and Surveillance Centre has been inaugurated, with Continental Tobacco Corp. has contributed HUF 50 million to the construction of the new customs inspection and control centre. The newly established centre, including its X-ray package and cargo screening equipment, can significantly help to curb the illegal trade in tobacco products.

NAV continuously checks consignments and packages crossing the external border of the European Union, along the Ukrainian and Serbian border sections. An important tool for this is the X-ray scanning equipment for luggage and cargo, which is used to scan vehicles and their cargo, as well as luggage, while ensuring the safety of persons. The evaluation of the X-ray images is a labour-intensive process that must be carried out without disrupting traffic.

The staff of the new X-ray Image Analysis and Surveillance Centre in Budapest can see in real time the consignments passing through the border crossing points and are able to check and analyse the digital images afterwards. Currently four, but thanks to continuous development, twelve devices will later be installed in the IT system for remote surveillance, operating 24 hours a day.

Continental Tobacco Corp. contributed to the construction of the centre with a HUF 50 million donation, which included valuable technical equipment, special office equipment, as well as the implementation of the installation works, the installation of IT tools and the commissioning of the equipment.

“The fight against illicit trade is a major challenge for the tobacco industry worldwide. Given the highly regulated nature of our sector, I believe it is essential that the authorities and operators join forces in this fight. The establishment of the X-ray centre, which will provide the latest technology for the screening of inbound shipments, could be an important milestone in this effort,” said Csaba Füzi, CEO of Continental Tobacco Corp.