A delegation from the Continental Tobacco Group took part in a business trip to the Dominican Republic at the end of February and beginning of March 2023, during which they visited the Procigar Festival in the Central American country. The group’s management team went on the trip to discuss potential partnerships and to meet with prominent representatives of the local tobacco growing and manufacturing industry and the cigar trade to promote the export of their own machine-made cigar brands wrapped in natural tobacco leaf.

A delegation of the Continental Tobacco Group recently returned from the Dominican Republic, where they met with a number of company executives and ministry representatives to explore possible collaborations, and also participated in the Procigar Festival, which took place in two cities of the Central American country, La Romana and Santiago, from February 19 to 25. The festival focuses on the promotion of premium tobacco products, and it is no coincidence that the Dominican Republic is recognised as the world’s leading producer of premium cigars.

„During the business trip, we participated in various meetings with local representatives of the machine-made and premium cigar manufacturing sectors, as well as with cigar traders to promote the export of our machine-made cigars wrapped in natural tobacco leaf. We also managed to visit the Procigar Festival” said Csaba Füzi, CEO of Continental Tobacco Corp., about the trip.

The festival, visited by the Continental Tobacco Group executives, is considered a significant event not only in terms of culture and tobacco industry, but also in terms of the country’s image. The Procigar Festival aims to promote Dominican tobacco products, reinforcing their current position as exporters of the world’s best premium cigars. During the event, guests can take part in various tours and guided visits to the world’s largest and most exclusive premium cigar factories and tobacco fields, as well as leisure tours promoting the Dominican Republic. Each day ended with a grand dinner where more than 800 Dominican and international guests gathered to celebrate Dominican cigars.