With the participation of more than 90 middle and top managers, professional experts and the owners Continental Tobacco Group held a conference about the company’s future at the beginning of November in Sátoraljaújhely. The aim of the two-day event was to discuss and to further explore the directions that will play a key role in Continental’s development in the future, which topics were examined by Continental’s employees together with the owners. In addition, participants also reviewed current and upcoming trends of the tobacco market.

At the two-day event, participants commemorated the 130-year history of the company’s tobacco factory in Sátoraljaújhely, and then were mixed into groups of 9 people, where they worked on topics regarding the industry. The conference mostly focused on the tobacco factory’s current and upcoming trends, and it also included some brainstorming about Continental’s future development directions. The main goal has been to review and to discuss the factory’s operation and activity for the next 20 years, which task was carried out by the management together with the company’s employees.

The event’s program also included a speech about the importance of traditions, team spirit and the future held by dr. Dénes Kemény, trainer and president of the three-time Olympic champion Hungary men’s water polo team; and a presentation about the role and importance of employee relations held by dr. Zsuzsa Szvetelszky researcher, university professor.

According to Csaba Füzi, the CEO of Continental Tobacco Corp., the two-day event has been a great success with lots of useful suggestions. And the development ideas born during the conference are already being processed and are going to be implemented in the company’s future strategic plans, he added.